E-Merse Deep XL PodPocket

E-Merse Deep XL PodPocket

Regular price $19.95

Our NeoDeep XL & Deep XL offer users the added convenience of an inside the case pocket for easy storage of wireless headphones, credit cards, money or hotel card keys. No more digging with your fingers to the bottom of the case. Keep your items safe & dry but easy-to access

  • Easy returns
  • Secure payments

Submersible to 30 feet

Use device through case

Internal pocket for quick access to ear buds or credit cards, cash, etc...

Zip-Locking style closure with secure SoftTouch snap bar

Cold weather compatible

Breakaway lanyard

Eco-friendly construction

XL size fits larger smartphones and phablets

Internal Dimensions: 7.5in x 4.125in

Weight: 2 oz

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