Car-top Carry Kits

Car-top Carry Kits

11 products
    11 products

    Explore with Confidence.

    Transport your watercraft with ease and let every journey to the water be as smooth as the river itself with our Riverside Canoe, Kayak, and Stand-Up Paddle Board Car Top Carry Kits. Built proudly in the USA, each kit is designed for ultimate convenience and durability.

    Key Features Across Our Riverside Collection:

    • Complete Kit: Each set includes foam blocks, straps, and all necessary components to secure your watercraft from driveway to coastline.
    • All-in-One Convenience: No more piecemealing your system. Get everything you need in one efficient package.
    • Versatile Designs: Whether it’s a canoe, kayak, or SUP, our kits adapt seamlessly to your car and craft.
    • Secure Transport: Engineered for stability, these kits reduce movement and protect your watercraft en route.

    Each product is a complete system tailored to the specific needs of your canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddle board. From the careful design of our foam cuts that cradle your boat, to the strength-tested straps that hold everything securely, these kits ensure that getting to the water is never the hard part.

    With Riverside Carry Kits, you’re always ready to hit the water. 

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