After 30 years of dedication to building gear that helps you explore the outdoors, Seattle Sports has changed ownership.

This new chapter promises to intertwine the age-old tradition of excellence with modern innovations. While we forge into this new horizon, the company wishes to reiterate its gratitude to the founder, previous team and its long-standing partners - their trust and support have been foundational pillars of the brand's success.

Meet Us

Founded in 1983, Seattle Sports Co. has been a pioneer in the outdoor activities industry. At our core, we understand and share your passion for the wild and the untamed. With a focus on quality and innovation, our goal is to provide gear that meets the demands of the adventurous, the fearless, and the eco-conscious explorer.

Activities Overview

Seattle Sports Co. is deeply rooted in the excitement of outdoor activities. Our range is specifically designed to enhance your experiences in:

  • Kayaking: Our kayaking gear is tailored for stability and endurance, ensuring a seamless experience on the water.

  • Cycling: We support cyclists with durable, reliable accessories designed for diverse terrains and conditions.

  • Camping: Our camping equipment is crafted for comfort and convenience, enabling you to immerse fully in the great outdoors.

  • Travel: We offer versatile travel gear that combines functionality with resilience, perfect for adventurers on the move.

Our Ethos

  • Quality and Innovation: We uphold the highest standards of quality and ingenuity in our products. Our gear undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

  • Sustainability Commitment: Our dedication to the environment is unwavering. Wherever possible we utilize eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, aiming to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Community and Exploration Spirit: Fostering a community spirit among outdoor enthusiasts is key to us. We engage in local events and partnerships, promoting a culture of exploration and camaraderie.

At Seattle Sports Co., we invite you to join us in exploring the wonders of the outdoors. 


We are committed to maintaining the high-quality and diverse product range you know and love, with plans to introduce exciting new additions in the near future.

Quality remains our top priority. The change in ownership will not compromise the high standards we've set for our products.

Currently, all our popular products are still available and listed in under 'In Stock' in menu.

Our products will continue to be available through existing sales channels, including our website, retail stores, and authorized dealers.

We aim to maintain competitive pricing. Any future changes will reflect our commitment to providing value to our customers while maintaining the quality of our products.

The ordering process remains seamless and customer-friendly. You can place orders through our website or at any of our retail locations.

Orders that may have been placed during the transition period have already been cared for. Our customer service team is able to assist with any issues from past orders. Your satisfaction is important to us, regardless of when your purchase was made. Please email with questions.

We continue to offer international shipping, though there have been some changes to terms and conditions. Please check our website for updated shipping policies and rates.

Yes, please place your order through the website to see updated shipping charges based on your location.