Boat Carts

Boat Carts

From end-carts to center-carts, our unique and practical designs are made with the kayak, canoe, sit-on-tops, and SUP's in mind.

Boat Carts

From end-carts to center-carts, our unique and practical designs are made with the kayak, canoe, sit-on-tops, and SUP's in mind.

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  • ATC Go!Cart Conversion Kit

    If you already own our ATC Cart, then you are ready to step it up to the next level! This conversion kit includes everything needed to transform our ATC Cart into the Go!Cart bike trailer. Simply install the hardware to your cart and you’ll be rolling to the beach in minutes. When you need to use the ATC Cart without your bike, you can quickly detach the conversion kit and store for later. Learn More
  • BigSand Surfer Center Cart

    A lightweight, balloon-wheel center cart. Transport your boat over soft sand with ease. The lightweight frame breaks down for easy storage. 150 lbs load capacity. Learn More
  • Deluxe Center Cart

    Brought back by popular demand, the Deluxe is wider than most center carts, providing a super-stable loading platform. A double leg kickstand aids in loading and unloading. Pneumatic rubber air-filled wheels slide on and off easily with quick-flip keeper pins. Collapsible folding frame for easy stowing. Max. load capacity is 200lbs. Learn More
  • Go!Cart Center Cart + Bike Trailer

    Our ATC serves as the base for an innovative cart that allows you to carry canoes, kayaks, surfboards, SUP boards and sailboards with your bike! The Go!Cart uses a patented hitch that securely holds it to your bicycle’s rear hub with ready to use quick release levers. The ATC frame is made from lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The Go!Cart can handle items up to 15 feet long and weighing up to 75 pounds. Straps are included. Learn More
  • Nemo Extremo Center Cart

    Nemo Extremo Center Cart is as tough and rugged as the name sounds. This cart combines our new flat-free, vibration reducing, solid urethane tires with a super heavy-duty frame design. Offering a superior load capacity, the Nemo Extremo takes the abuse of heavy loads and pitted paths. Transport your canoe or kayak over rocky portages. The cart frame breaks down for easy storage in your garage or kayak hatch. Maximum load capacity is 250 pounds. Learn More
  • Original End Cart

    The Original End Cart, which fits most canoes and kayaks, is one of our most popular carts. The heavy-duty frame has an inner dimension of 17", while its upright tubes use snap buttons that extend from 10-17". The new thermal-molded wheels have rubber tread. Maximum load capacity up to 200 pounds. Learn More
  • Paddleboy™ ATC All-Terrain Center Cart

    Paddleboy™ ATC is a great center cart for loaded canoes and kayaks, john boats, and other larger crafts, including dinghies and Lasers. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame breaks down nicely for low profile storage. New airless wheels are flat-free and vibration reducing, with solid urethane tires. A spring-loaded, extra-stable kickstand, adjustable padded top bars, and included cinch strap complete this super heavy-duty cart. The ATC has a 300 pound capacity. Learn More
  • Paddleboy™ Peanut Cart

    Our Paddleboy™ Peanut cart has an inner dimension of 17”, but the upright tubes are fixed at 7.5”, making it suitable for most kayaks. The sturdy wheels will carry up to 150 pounds, and the minicell foam will enable it to float. Like the Paddleboy™ Original cart, it folds for storage. Updated with new wheels and a new lower price for 2017. Learn More
  • Scupper Swift Sit-on-Top Kayak Cart

    Scupper Swift has an adjustable-width axle that makes it the best sit-on-top cart on the market. Slide your boat easily on to, or off of, the coated and cushioned uprights and away you go! A super beefy 35mm anodized frame can take all sorts of abuse, while the new airless, vibration reducing, solid urethane tires eliminate all flat tire hassle. Maximum load capacity is 150 pounds. Learn More
  • SUP SoulMite Standup Paddle Board Cart


    SoulMite is the simple solution for quick, easy SUP transport. Lash your SUP down with the included straps, attach the suction cup handle, and you're ready to go. Built with a heavy-duty anodized 35mm frame and sturdy air filled tires, this cart is a great solution for comfortable SUP transport. Our new Ladder StretchStrap system increases handling and the security of your board on the cart. New matte-black frame color with cobalt accented wheels. Maximum load capacity is 150 pounds.

    Learn More
  • Showing 1-10 of 11 products