dry doc digi 02

Dry Doc™ Digi 02

dry doc digi xl-black - topo

Dry Doc™ Digi XL-BLACK - TOPO

Dry Doc™ Digi XL

Dry Doc™ protect your electronics, documents, and gear from the elements. Built with eco-friendly PVC-Free puncture resistant film and featuring positive snap zip-locking style closure for secure, simple, everyday use. Clear body and wrapped body construction allow maximum through-case usability for screen and camera lens. Take photos, text, call, Instagram, without missing a beat!
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More Information
  • Internal Dimensions: 6.25in H x 3.75in W
  • PVC-Free
  • Materials: PEVA
Features List
  • Use your phone right through the case! **fingerprint unlocking will not work through any case. Use alternative unlocking code to open phone while in the case
  • Sized to fit iPhone® 8, iPhone® 8 Plus, Galaxy S8® and other large phones and phablets
  • Zip-locking style close protects from water, sand, and dust, and stays pliable in cold weather
  • Features Sure-Grip™ Strap with quick-release buckle for easy attachment to pack straps, belt loops and more

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