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Dry Waterproof Cases

Dry Waterproof Cases

Capture Every Moment, Even Underwater: Waterproof Cases for Your Cell Phone, Camera

Specially Designed, Submersible & Splashproof Cases that will Protect your Phone, Tablets, and other Gear from the Elements. Giving you Peace of Mind so you can Get Out and Have Fun!

Safeguard Your Device with Our Splash Proof Phone Cases - Perfect for Outdoor Adventures!

Are you looking for a way to enjoy your pool and beach days without damaging your phones and laptops? Your search ends here! Seattle Sports Co.'s amazing collection of waterproof cell phone cases and laptop sleeves! Whether you're lounging on a tropical beach or taking a dip in your local pool, our waterproof cases for phones and laptops offer unbeatable protection against water damage. At Seattle Sports., we make cases with durable plastic with secure rubber seams, providing the ultimate protection for your device.

Don't Let Water Ruin Your Phone - Choose Our Splash Proof Cases for your valuables!

Although our waterproof cell phone cases may add some extra weight to your phone, they are an ideal solution for preventing any damage if you accidentally drop your phone in water. Our waterproof laptop sleeves guarantee to protect your device from spills and splashes. So, feel free to relax and enjoy your day at the beach.

Our waterproof cell phone cases are designed to withstand underwater pressure. So, now you can confidently carry your phone to the beach or pool. However, we recommend using a GoPro instead if you plan to take underwater photos and videos.

Seattle Sports Co. also manufactures high-quality waterproof camera cases. Whether snorkelling in the coral reefs or a day at the pool, our waterproof camera cases ensure the safety of your camera. We provide different sizes of cases made of durable materials.

Get Ready to Dive in - Our Waterproof Cases Are the Ultimate Protection for Your Device!

We offer waterproof cases for all major phones, cameras, and laptops. Every style is distinctive, from simple and minimal designs to vibrant and bold colours. Why wait any longer? Choose the waterproof case that suits your requirements and prepare for your beach day without worrying about your gadgets. Also, check out the best camp accessories from Seattle Sports Co.