Simplify your paddling experience with these high-quality and innovative accessories.


Simplify your paddling experience with these high-quality and innovative accessories.

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  • 4” D-ring

    Add more lashing points to bags and boats with this 4in. vinyl patch with a 1” nickel-plated D-ring. Learn More
  • Barge Cement

    This all-purpose cement is ready to use for rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, and metal. Learn More
  • Bilge Balls

    Soak it. Chuck it! Bilge Balls add a bit of fun to the cleaning process. Bilge up excess water then chuck it at an unsuspecting passerby. Learn More
  • Dry Dock Demo Block

    Safe, soft, and secure “dry demo” without rock and roll. Unique contour provides increased stability during in-store demos. Cushions against cracks and scratches. Learn More
  • EZ Kayak Seat

    The EZ Kayak Seat offers added comfort for your kayak at a value price. Learn More

    See and be Seen: The USB Glostick works great as a safety beacon and doubles as a lightweight water-resistant flashlight, making it ideal for a variety of uses:marine, auto pet walking, child safety, camping and more! A versatile USB charged LED light that can attach to, or hang from virtually anything to provide you with the safety and convenience of a flashlight without the bulk. Learn More
  • Ladder StretchStrap™ Hook Set


    Extra hooks to customize your Ladder StretchStrap™. This set includes six J hooks & six S hooks. The Ladder StretchStrap™ has an endless amount of uses: tote camp gear, bundle items in your garage, tie packs down onto a raft or in a canoe, secure your SUP board to a cart, hanging storage, and more! Patent Pending.

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  • LashMates™ SuperStik Attachment System

    LashMates™ SuperStik Attachment System


    Sale Price: $5.00 Reg MSRP: $24.95

    Lashmates™ are a great tool for SUP paddlers, kayakers and boaters to add lash points permanently or temporarily to their boards or boats. Lash down PFDs, fleeces, gear bags or anything else. The Lashmates™ SuperStik feature a corrosion-proof anodized aluminum mounting plate with a peel-and-stick 3M® coating for semi-permanent mounting to boards, boats, truck beds, motorcycle/ATV tanks, campers or anywhere else you need a convenient lashing point. Lashmates are great for boards or boats that have a feathered or rough texture. Simply bend and contour the Lashmate where you want to mount it, then peel off the film and stick it down for a tailored fit.

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  • LashMates™ SuperSuk Attachment System

    Lashmates™ SuperSuk are designed for smooth finished paddle boards or kayaks. Lashmates SuperSuk offer temporary lashing points for SUPs and boats that can hold a suction cup. Learn More
  • LashMates™ SuperSuk Bottle Cage

    The ideal hydration solution for kayakers, canoeists and stand up paddle boarders alike. Learn More
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