MagniMap Pro

Our new splashproof map case has an included flexible magnifying tool to enlarge tiny map details on the go. Clear, durable Polyurethane is welded to 210D ripstop, which makes this case resistant to tears or rips. A back pocket is the perfect place to store the flexible magnifying tool when not in use. Punched lashing points allow easy attachment to your boat, pack, and other surfaces.

Dry Doc™ cases protect your electronics, documents, and gear from the elements. Built with puncture-resistant materials and featuring positive snap zip-locking style closure for secure, simple, everyday use. Clear body and wrapped body construction allow maximum through-case usability. Learn More
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  • Splashproof map case with included flexible magnifying tool
  • 210D ripstop welded to clear Polyurethane
  • Punched lashing points
  • Positive snap closure system
  • Size: 14.5in x 12.25in

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