4-Pack GloStick USB-2 RED 2 BLUE

A 4-pack of versatile USB charged LED lights that can attach to, or hang from, virtually anything to provide you with the safety and convenience of a flashlight, without the bulk. The 4-pack includes 2 red and 2 blue GloStick USBs.
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More Information
  • Height: 6 in.
  • Diameter: 1 in.
Features List
  • USB charged
  • 4 LED light settings: bright, dim, flashing, SOS
  • 3 hours of use on bright and up to 35 hours of use on SOS
  • polycarbonate tube refracts LED light creating glow appearance
  • Breakaway lanyard
  • 4-Pack includes 2 red and 2 blue
  • Regularly $14.95 apiece
Sale $19.00
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