Get'em While They're Hot! Amazing Discounts on a Wide Range of Products. Updated Monthly.


Get'em While They're Hot! Amazing Discounts on a Wide Range of Products. Updated Monthly.

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  • SurviVolts™ Power Bank Charger + USB Mult-E-Tools™ 5 Pack

    SurviVolts™ Power Bank Charger + USB Mult-E-Tools™ 5 Pack


    SurviVolts™ Powerbank & Mult-E-Tools is the ultimate electronic survival kit. Spark a fire with the electronic plasma fire starter. See in the dark with an adjustable flashlight or lantern light. Signal during the day with a 135 decibel siren and at night with an SOS beacon or long distance laser beam. Use the 5000mAh powerbank to charge devices and power the 5 USB survival Mult-E-Tools. Carry case included. Patent Pending.

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  • FrostPak™ Prism 20qt Double Wall Cooler

    FrostPak™ Prism 20qt Double Wall Cooler


    Sale Price: $61.70   Reg MSRP:  $89.95

    Keep it cool for twice as long! FrostPak™ Double Wall coolers are built with Double-Wall insulation that will keep ice for up to 68 hours!

    Our expedition-proven coolers feature a waterproof liner that prevents ice melt from penetrating insulation and is waterproof up to the zipper. Soft-sided construction allows for easy storage.

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  • Eddy



    Sale Price:  $45.00   Reg MSRP:  $59.95

    The Eddy is our 20L waterproof 3-roll close backpack perfect for commuting, paddling, hiking, or a quick trip to the beach. Constructed with welded, heavy duty 500D Non P-PVC material. A splashproof vertical front zippered pocket allows for quick access to keys, wallet, public transportation card, etc. The comfortable EVA foam back panel features a breathable mesh construction.

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  • AquaScend



    Sale Price:  $70.00   Reg MSRP:  $99.95

    AquaScend is a 30L waterproof backpack perfect for daily commutes or long haul adventures. Welded 500D eco-friendly materials and a 3-roll closure ensure waterproof protection. Use the multiple attachment points for lights and other gear. Two mesh bottle pockets keep your liquids readily accessible. An abrasion-resistant bottom and quick access mesh pocket are additional features of this durable pack.

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  • Class IV Sling

    Class IV Sling


    Sale Price:  $60.00   Reg MSRP:  $79.95

    The Class IV Sling is a 65L waterproof portage pack with a perforated EVA foam padded sling strap for added comfort. Welded 500D eco-friendly materials and a 3-roll close ensure waterproof protection. An abrasion resistant bottom adds additional protection from the elements. Crew punch attachment points, over-the-top compression straps, a removable hip belt, and quick access mesh pocket are additional features.

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  • FrostPak™ Coolers - Blizz

    Our tried and true FrostPak™ soft-sided coolers featured in a new Blizz color! This shimmering white color will help reflect light and keep your cooler items cold. Built USA. Learn More
  • FrostPak™ CoolPak

    FrostPak™ CoolPak


    Sale Price:  $55.00   Reg MSRP:  $74.95

    Push it to the limit and be the mountain top picnic hero with this heavy-duty backpack cooler. Ergonomic shoulder straps will help hold the load of 24 barley sodas and some homemade sammies. RF welded seams and dual layer insulation will keep the cold in for hours. Remember, if you pack it in…Pack it out. Built USA

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  • DriLite™ Cove Sack

    DriLite™ Cove Sack

    Starting AtMSRP$22.00

    Sale Price:  $22.00/$23.00   Reg MSRP:  $28.95/$29.95

    Keep items nearby and dry in this durable, yet lightweight stuff sack. Designed for adventure on the water, in the mountains, and everywhere in between. Go hands-free with the adjustable/removable shoulder strap included on the 10 and 20 L models. The oval base Cove Sack features an easy to load shape which packs easily within larger bags, or as a stand alone dry bag. D-rings offer secure attachment in rafts and boats.

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  • Drivetrain Cover

    Drivetrain Cover

    This cover attaches in less than a minute, and protects car interiors, walls, and other surfaces from drivetrain grease and grime. Fits most bike drivetrains with a hook and loop attachment for quick and easy installation. Washable. Learn More
  • Extended Safety Vest

    Extended Safety Vest

    Super bright neon green and orange striped vest for city riding, touring, running, and all manner of activities requiring high visibility safety equipment. Learn More
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