e-merse™ carryall cases
e-merse™ carryall cases
e-merse™ carryall cases
e-merse™ carryall cases
e-merse™ carryall cases
E-Merse™ Carryall Waterproof Pouch
E-Merse™ Carryall Waterproof Pouch
Regular price $19.95

E-Merse™ Waterproof Cases protect your electronics in all your aquatic adventures. Built with tough, PVC-Free polyurethane and featuring a quick, easy to use double closure system, E-Merse cases provide maximum submersible waterproof protection*. The SoftTouch textured bar provides a sturdy and comfortable handheld grip, without the bulk. With streamlined lash points and a reliable breakaway lanyard, you can trust E-Merse anytime, whether you're paddling a river, sailing a bay, hiking a trail, or working the yard. INCLUDES DRYMAX! Carryall cases feature a clear body that allows full tablet camera capability, and a built-in pocket for our rechargeable DryMax Packets which eliminate fogging and control build up of ambient moisture.

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Submersible to 10 feet

Secure slide bar seal

Cold weather compatible

Breakaway lanyard

Eco-friendly construction

Dual-sided clear windows

Includes DryMax Protection for maximum moisture and fogging elimination

Internal Dimensions Small: 6.5in H x 4.5in W, Large: 8in H x 5.5in W


Materials: TPU

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