Dry Doc™ Map w/Lash Points

Dry Doc™ Map w/Lash Points

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Actio™ Bear Canister Tether System

The Bear Spray Tether System holds your can of bear spray close at hand and easy to access anytime that you venture into bear country. Sportsmen, backpackers, campers & hikers alike will love the versatile PakBand™ Lashing and Coiled Tether system with tried and tested hook & loop attachment.
Availability: Discontinued
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Parts Included:

  • 1 PakBand™
  • 1 Canister Band
  • 1 Coiled Tether
Features List
  • Pakband secures around pack straps, belt loops, suspenders and more with an ultra grade hook and loop closure
  • Canister Band wraps securely around most sizes of bear spray canister and anchors to Pakband using reinforced ultra grade hook and loop closure
  • Never fear of fumbling and dropping your bear spray- an added coiled tether will provide peace of mind and doubly secure attachment
Size 3 IN
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