SUP SoulMite Standup Paddle Board Cart

Updated for 2017, the SoulMite is the simple solution for quick, easy SUP transport. Lash your SUP down with the included straps, attach the suction cup handle, and you're ready to go. Built with a heavy-duty anodized 35mm frame and sturdy air filled tires, this cart is a great solution for comfortable SUP transport. Our new Ladder StretchStrap system increases handling and the security of your board on the cart. New matte-black frame color with cobalt accented wheels. Maximum load capacity is 150 pounds.

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  • The simple solution for quick, easy SUP transport
  • New silicone ladder StretchStrap™ system
  • New matte-black color with cobalt accented wheels
  • Air-filled tires
  • Maximum load capacity is 150 pounds
  • Axle diameter: 35cm
  • Axle width: 29.5cm
  • Weight: 7lb, 8oz
  • 35mm anodized frame

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