One-of-a-kind, high-quality, accessories for transporting and storing your gear.


One-of-a-kind, high-quality, accessories for transporting and storing your gear.

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  • Sherpak™ Quick Loops

    Simply open your hood or trunk, position the loop where you want it (so the web loop end emerges through the gaps) and close. The Quick Loop locks in place with the pressure, providing a quick, easy loop to lash your straps to. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Hoist

    Use this heavy-duty hoist for lifting bikes,storage boxes or boats to the ceiling of your garage. Built with heavy-duty pulleys and rope; Sherpak™ Hoist is capable of lifting one hundred pounds up and out of the way. Comes with all mounting hardware. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Boat Roller

    Heavy-duty suction cups mount reliably to car tops or car glass, to offer a quick easy solution for a single person to load a boat to a car top. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Hood Loops

    Ideal for vehicles with plastic bumpers that have no metal underneath, these innovative loops install on the quarter panel bolts under the hood to provide a tie-down attachment. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Reflector Rack Pads

    Sherpak™ Rack Pads feature a 24" foam sheathed in a high-vis, light-reflective, cover. Hook and loop straps with quick release cord allow these pads to be quickly and easily mounted and dismounted when not in use. Sold in pairs. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Super Mat

    The Sherpak™ super thick non-slip matting offers a protective and super functioning layer between your car top carrier and rooftop. Sized to fit the Go!15. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Elevator Step

    The Elevator Step is a functional tool for today's tall vehicles and car top storage needs. With the push of two buttons, it can easily size to fit most tire widths, and with 3 height adjustment positions, it offers better access to the car top. Learn More
  • Kanga Hurricane

    Kanga Hurricane

    The Hurricane is constructed with 100% radio frequency-welded seams and corners (eliminating needle hole leaks), a deeply recessed zipper that runs the perimeter of the unit, and heavy-duty vinyl, creating a truly weather-tough roof pouch. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Go! 15

    With its great price, weather–fighting design and heavy-duty materials, our Go!15 offers excellent value unmatched in its class. Built with RF-welded seams, a deeply recessed zipper, and heavy-duty UV–resistant vinyl, the Go!15 offers super weather–fighting protection. A #10 coil zipper, heavy–duty plastic hardware and the universal attachment system make this a great performing carrier. It straps quickly and easily to cars with or without rack systems. Learn More
  • Sherpak™ Elite 20

    When we say "Elite", we mean it. A tough 19 oz. abrasion-resistant body is outfitted with dual independent lateral compression straps that eliminate wind flap and allow the contents to sit tight inside, regardless of the load size or height. Learn More
  • Showing 1-10 of 17 products